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April's Medical Facial is will put a skip in your step! 
This facial harnesses the power of Beta Hydroxy Acids to clean you up from winter and prep your skin for a dewey flawless springtime.

Lazy Daisie $130

Great for skin texture, overall health of the skin, minimizing wrinkles, scarring and helping with product absorption. 

Pure Oxygen infused into the skin  will leave you wondering how you ever lived without oxygen facials. Highly exfoliating.

If you are a regular with our Medi-Pedis, it's time to upgrade to a jelly treatment this month!

Add 20 units of lower face tox to your upper face tox at $5/unit.

Medical Facial of the Month:

$50 off Microneedling

$50 off Oxygen Facials

$50 Jelly Pedis