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Chemical Peels

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The idea of a chemical peel can be frightening for some but many don’t realize there is a huge variation of strengths and types of peels. Despite the name, some peels don’t actually make your skin peel at all, rather they work at the cellular level, or inside out, giving a great result with minimal downtime. These peels can be on one end of the spectrum with the other end encompassing chemical peels that actually remove several layers of skin, requiring a week or two of “ugly days” but resulting in a fantastic, fresh face.

The best candidates for chemical peels are those with Caucasian skin. Darker skin
types may hyper or hypo pigment with chemical peels, but if the patient is seeing
an esthetician with advanced training in
peels, there are alternate peels available for darker-skinned patients. Chemical peels will help with scarring, pigmentation, skin texture and fine lines and wrinkles. Depending on the results needed, a variety of peels may be required. For deeper peels patients will need to prep the skin with specific product for a couple weeks before hand. Prepping the skin will help remove dead skin cells beforehand so the chemical peel can penetrate deeper and provide a better end result.

Throughout our years in business we have an idea of what peels we prefer to work with and what these peels can do for the skin.

We can also “cocktail” peels! This will most likely result in an external peel that can last several days. It is crucial that patients do not

peel their skin or pull on skin as it is peeling,

as this will result in scarring and hyper- pigmentation. Some of these peels need to be prepped for and may require a series of peels to “work into” the deeper peels with higher concentration.

Most patients ask, “Well, which peel is best for me? A lot of them sound the same!”
The best answer for this is to trust an esthetician to make that decision for you. Depending on your skin issues and the results needed, various peels can be used
and different ingredients within the peels
can affect different skin types in a variety of ways. There are many peels available online and as with anything these days, people are able to access them through various online options. This is rather frightening as chemical peels contain VERY strong ingredients and can yield a variety of results (or disasters) depending on the application, including

its duration and amount of pressure with which it was applied. This is most definitely something that should be trusted to a professional with practice.

Essentially, we are creating a controlled wound when we apply a chemical peel. We want the skin to crust and then peel, resulting in baby fresh skin underneath. There can be a sense of satisfaction to seeing the trauma and healing effect that takes place with the skin. Clients tend to love these types of peels because they can see the trauma and healing process and are confident that something big happened and they got their money’s worth. These types of deeper peels will result in

skin that needs to be protected from the sun. Sun burning fresh skin after a chemical peel will result in scarring so it is essential that
all chemical peel patients have a top quality physical sunscreen to protect their skin with.

For those who think this idea is just a bit too extreme, be aware that we can now accomplish the same results with lasers. Skin can be resurfaced, pigment can be removed and collagen can be reactivated using lasers that provide optimal results with little to no downtime. But for those of us who tend

to be extreme and find a sort of strange gratification with shedding our old skin and revealing a new fresh face once or twice a year, the world of chemical peels will always be an effective way to get “out with the old and on with the new.”

At Nouveau we price our peels by layer or by how many peels are being cocktailed together. 1 layer-$75
2 layers-$100

3 layers- $150
Chemical peel cocktail -$200

A series of peels or cocktails during the Fall season is the perfect way to clean up summer skin and get on your way to optimum skin health. For the most impressive series, space peels 2 weeks apart and plan on a series of 3-6. Peel cocktail clients will want to plan on purchasing a few home care products for your daily home regimen. These products will be selected and explained by your esthetician and will boost your treatment results and provide ideal healing conditions for your skin.

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