Hair Removal

Nouveau Medspa & Salon is pleased to offer Laser Hair Removal Treatments for women and men.

hair removal on legs

The Candela Gentlelase® is the state of the art hair removal laser.

When looking for a permanent hair removal option, be aware that you will get what you pay for and cheaper treatments are usually done with sub-par equipment, resulting in poor results. All lasers are not created equal. Rest assured that the Gentlelase is a premium laser that is highly effective in producing hair loss. Laser Hair removal is FDA approved and within 6 visits, hair can be permanently reduced by up to 80%.

We offer the best hair removal procedures and can help you remove that unwanted facial hair and underarm, leg, back and more.

Individual results will vary and skin tones of light color with darker hair pigment will be most effective as the laser is attracted to color pigment in hair. The average number of treatments is six, performed at 4 week intervals. Sun exposure must be minimal during treatments as skin will be sensitive to photo damage and tanned skin will result in less than optimal results.

EpilFree Hair Removal

EpilFree is a professional system developed in Europe taking two liquids used in tandem after waxing (or other method that removes the entire hair follicle from the root) to gradually reduce and stop further growth of hair in the treated areas. This hair removal procedure is great for any hair color or skin type and for those clients not eligible for laser hair removal. Clients must grow out hair between appointments. Do not wax or shave between appointments. A series of 6-10 treatments is required at intervals of 4 weeks for optimum hair removal.


We also provide a variety of waxing services, including Brazilian, eye brow, upper lip, chin, under arm, leg, back, and more.

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