facials for women

All our facials are customized for each client’s individual skin type and needs. Whether your skin is aging, dull, acneic, pigmented, etc, we will accommodate to each client’s skin condition and needs using pharmaceutical grade products and tools for optimum, luxurious skin treatments. All facial clients are encouraged to relax in our complimentary robes, nibble on healthy snacks and drink our Idaho made teas while resting in one of our several dim-lit relaxation rooms.

Nouveau (New) Skin Facial – 60 min

Our signature facial, this treatment begins with an essential oil face steam followed by cleanse and exfoliation, mask and massage of the decollate and face. Various techniques and skin tools are used, determined by the individual client’s skin needs. This relaxing treatment includes calf massage, foot massage/ wrap, arm and hand massage, shoulder, lobe and scalp massage.

Flawless Facial – 90 min

This divine facial treatment includes premier pharmaceutical product thoughtfully chosen for the needs of the individual client. Includes essential oil steam, decollate treatment, cleanses, dermasound, facial wraps, masks, massage for the shoulders, neck, arm, hands, and calves as well as steam wraps and massage for feet. Lips are buffed to smooth perfection and eye creams are applied to the delicate eye area.

Silk Skin Facial – 120 min

This heavenly facial begins with a relaxing back treatment, followed by customized facial care and exfoliation, lip scrub and lip treatment, dermasound or microdermabrasion (depending on skin’s needs), facial wraps and mask. Esthetician also performs calf massage, foot wrap/massage, neck, lobe, arm and hand massage. This treatment includes our luxurious hot oil hair treatment.

3-layer Facial – 60 min

The best of all worlds! Begin this treatment with dermasound and extractions (if needed) to clean out pores. The second step is microdermabrasion to highly exfoliate and polish skin. Finish off with another round of dermasound to help with product penetration and cell turnover.

Complete Care Body Facial – 90 min

Grab a friend and take care of yourself with our most well-rounded service to nurture your body AND your face!

Pico Facials

This laser facial is performed using the Picosure Laser, which boasts the most advanced laser technology in the industry for skin retexturing, scar reduction, collagen regeneration, and pigment (including tattoo) removal. For active skin conditions we recommend a series of 3 Pico facials, performed at intervals of 2-4 weeks apart, depending on physician recommendation upon consultation.

facials for men

Physician Facial (Gentleman’s Facial) – 90 min

Designed by our in house physician, performed by a master esthetician for our elegant Gentleman clients this treatment targets a rugged skin type and is designed to fit the needs of the everyday male client needing skin care, self care and relaxation. This facial begins with a medicated back/shoulder scrub, mask and massage and includes similar treatments to the chest and shoulder area where tension and stress can cause dermal problems. The client is encouraged to forget the worries of the day as his scalp is massaged with hair growth tonics, and shoulders and neck are kneaded with essential oils. A facial steam to open pores is followed by hot towel wraps, facial cleanse, exfoliation, mask and dermasound administration, to fully rid pores of excess oil and minimize pore size. Your man will never be the same again!

Teen Facials – 45 min

Education is key with teens new to caring for their hormonal skin. This facial includes client education, deep skin cleanse, exfoliation, dermasound and extractions (if needed). For ages 10-18.

Phantom Facial – 15 min

Add onto any facial.

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