Brow Extensions & Enhancement

Brows are crucial to providing a finished, complete, balanced look to any face. The bolder, darker the brow, the younger the appearance, whereas lighter, thinner brows give a dainty, sophisticated look to the right person. Brow extensions can provide this to those who have a hard time achieving a complete brow look. Individual hairs are attached to the skin of the brow, using an adhesive similar to what is used in the medical field to close wounds. Brows can be as thin or thick as the client would like and can be given to clients with some, little, or no natural brow hair at all making this a wonderful option for anyone.

Brows will need to be filled every 2-4 weeks and can be filled at lash extension, manicure and pedicure appointments or while hair is processing during hair appointments.

Before & After Brow Extensions

brow extensions, before and after

Brow Enhancement


Microblading gives a natural brow appearance where thin, hair strokes are tattooed with a manual hand piece. You will need yearly “refresh” appointments to upkeep. (We recommend yearly brow appointments for all tattooed brows as they will fade with sun exposure and skin exfoliation.) All natural brow hairs are not removed or shaved off but the brow is shaped. It requires a week of healing time in which the client is fine to work and resume normal activity. Microbladed brows are a work in progress and will need 2 full appointments to be complete. Only a certain amount of pigmentation can be applied each appointment; it is best to work in multiple appointments rather than “pack it all in” in one appointment, as to obtain the most natural look. Microblading is not recommended for oily skin types. Oily skin types are better suited to a “machine tattooed” brow. Various styles are available to suit different preferences.

Machine Brows

Fusion Brow: our trademarked Nouveau Brow that includes machine filled brow work to provide structure throughout the bride and arch of the brow with softer micro bladed strokes at the bulb and tail of the brow. Powder Brow: a soft powder filled appearance. Perfect for clients who regularly pencil/fill in brows with a soft shadow.

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